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about hamb

Hamb’s original hand-drawn designs are brought to life on screen-printed clothing, accessories and designer products for men, women and kids. Hamb is based in Melbourne where all our products are proudly made, sweat-shop free.

Australian made

Hamb creates limited edition clothing, accessories and designer products, made in Melbourne, Australia. At Hamb we aim to produce quality products which last.

Buying locally made products can help reduce waste, pollution and fuel consumption that imported products create. By manufacturing locally Hamb is able to keep the amount of transportation involved in the production and delivery of our products to a minimum as our studio is less than 10km from our makers, printers and many of our suppliers. Local production also enables us to recycle packaging and products involved in production & delivery (hangers, bags, paper and boxes etc).

Not only is buying Australian-made products beneficial to the environment, but also to the people in it. Buying local ensures that the local economy and industry are supported and every person involved in the making of a Hamb product is paid the Australian Industry Standard.

Sweat shop free

Our makers comply with the standards set by Ethical Clothing Australia, an organisation assisting the local textile, clothing and footwear industry to ensure Australian workers receive fair wages and decent conditions.